Bumblebee school is a mixed school.  The school offers education from pre-school to primary for all children of dffirent racial, economic, cultural and religious backgrounds.  Led by Prisca Chinyamutangira and Shupikai Chinyamutangira, the school is currently a home based school.  Bumblebee offers quality education and personal development.


Previously known as Rainbow Pre-school, started with two students, 3 year old Taonaishe Ali Nsabimana and 4 months year old Hazel Kumire.   Taonaishe is one of the directors sons  almost froze one winter with his Aunty who is also the director at the particular time was working for INE PLAY CENTRE which was in Sunningdale, they had to cross Mukuvisi bridge they almost froze winter of 2010 they came home and refused to go back to school and work  and Hazel  the parents where both working and did not have relatives in Harare.  They were two stranded kids, so Rainbow Pre-school was formed, the  two finished the rest of 2010 and 2011 started see an increase in the enrolment.  The name was later changed to Bumblebee because there was another school which had already registered with the Ministry of Education.  At present 2017 we have an enrolment of 30 students 10 are primary and 20 are pre-school.  We are moving a grade per year, 2018 the school will be enrolling for grade four (4).


Bumblebee Schools offer a broad and challenging educational program to students from different cultural and religious backgrounds, our focus is on the whole child.  The school  invest in modern resources and are increasingly looking to Information and Technology (IT) to aid the learning process.  We strive to have our parents, teachers and the community members actively involved in our student’s learning.  Bumblebee provides a joyful learning environment that empowers them to their fullest height in education and personal potential while nurturing their self esteem and self confidence.Bumblebee believes that God is one, Religions is one, mankind is one, work is worship, all human beings are equal in God’s eyes.


To see every child , despite their background , given a fair chance at quality ,student-tailored holistic education.


Our goal is to make Bumblebee one of the best schools in the world, and that it should cater for all kinds of students, academically and physically and socially so that they can be better citizens.